NRCC To Release Website Featuring ‘Socialism Scorecard’ For Tracking Democrats’ Votes

Screenshot of a baseball card-style picture of Democrat Ron Kind on https://socialistagendascorecard.com/

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The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) launched a website Thursday that will track and catalogue radical policies pushed by House Democrats to “implement their socialist agenda,” according to NRCC spokesman Mike Berg.

The website showcases baseball card-style pictures of 47 Democrats, each listing on its flip side a congressman’s votes cast in support of policies “appeasing Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of the socialists in their caucus” at the expense of “working families.”

“The cards feature the House Democrats’ ‘stats,’ which include members’ districts, party, and how long they have been in office,” explains Berg. They also show “radical” votes the Democrats have taken, including the $15 minimum wage bill, which can potentially kill 1.4 million jobs, according to an estimate by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO). (RELATED: Kate Bedingfield: Biden ‘Stands’ At $15 Minimum Wage)

The NRCC announced Feb. 10 a comprehensive list of 47 incumbent Democrats in the House who present the “offensive pick-up opportunities for the 2022 cycle.”

“House Republicans start the cycle just five seats short of a majority and are prepared to build on our 2020 successes to deliver a lasting Republican majority in the House. We will stay laser-focused on recruiting talented and diverse candidates, aggressively highlighting Democrats’ socialist agenda and raising enough resources to win,” NRCC Chairman Tom Emmer said in the announcement.

The newly launched website primarily targets these Democrats, but also serves as a platform for the creators “to ensure voters have a clear understanding of Democrats’ socialist agenda and the damaging impact it will have on their daily lives,” according to Berg.