Geraldo Rivera Says He’s No Longer ‘Pondering’ Senate Run Because Fox News ‘Freaked Out’

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Shelby Talcott Media Reporter
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Fox News contributor Geraldo Rivera decided he will not actually run for Senate and explained that the network “freaked out” after he made an announcement about his plans earlier in the week.

Rivera announced March 10 on Twitter that he was “pondering running for” Republican Ohio Sen. Rob Portman’s seat, as he plans to retire. The Fox News host explained Friday why his mind has changed after co-host Steve Doocy wondered aloud why he “sobered up.” (RELATED: Geraldo Rivera Snaps Over CNN’s Attack On Fox News: ‘F*ck You And F*ck Russia’)

“Well you know what happens? You wake up, you have a dream and the thing is you probably should keep your dream to yourself,” Rivera said. “Instead I started talking to Erica [Rivera’s wife] about it, we both got very enthusiastic. We really do think that I’m a moderate Republican. We can do something in a state like Ohio.”


“The reaction, the initial vibe was great but it was also much more overwhelming than I ever expected, Fox freaked out, you know, said pick a lane, are you a journalist or a politician and I wasn’t ready to, you know, jump off my current turn-style, so, instead I had to kind of embarrass myself and say never mind.”

Rivera continued on to explain that despite the dashed dream, he genuinely believes he could be good for a place like Ohio because of his vision. He explained that he wants “this symbiosis of Republican enterpreneurialship and inclusion and free enterprise … plus the compassion of social services and bringing everybody along and being diverse.”

“I thought that in a state like Ohio it would have played and it really was resonating, but you know, I’m not prepared yet to leave my current profession,” Rivera admitted. “Maybe if I kept my mouth shut another six months, it would have been a different story.”

Doocy ended the segment by calling Rivera “a dreamer.” Rivera previously debated running for the Senate in New Jersey back in 2013, Mediaite reported.