‘American Protest’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden’s Speech Will Inspire Huge July 4 Parties

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld predicted Friday that President Joe Biden’s national address was likely to inspire many Americans to have large Independence Day celebrations.

Gutfeld argued that Biden’s suggestion — a tentative plan for Americans to be permitted to have small outdoor family gatherings by July 4th — might drive Americans to intentionally defy recommendations. (RELATED: ‘The Political Version Of Money Laundering’: Greg Gutfeld Compares COVID-19 Relief Bill To ‘Breaking Bad’ Carwash)


Co-host Jesse Watters began the segment by referring to Biden’s speech as “adequate,” and for the most part, Gutfeld agreed.

“It wasn’t awful, but it wasn’t good,” Gutfeld began, adding, “I thought it was hilarious that he’s telling you how to celebrate on Independence Day. He’s applying government controls on the day that commemorates our victory over government control.”

Gutfeld went on to say he expected the reaction to be a large number of big July 4 parties, calling it “a form of American protest, because that’s what Americans do, they protest.”

Gutfeld then turned to the media response to Biden’s address, noting that a number of hosts on CNN and MSNBC raved about the speech.

“The people who wanted a coup against Trump when he won in 2016, that hysterical freaks on ‘Morning Joe,’ CNN, they are the same people having Joe-gasms, acting like he’s the best thing since waffles covered in gravy,” Gutfeld said. “But fact is the bar is so low for Joe that basically what you are hearing is a sigh of relief, that he made it after 50 days prepping for 20 minutes, he made it.”