Greg Gutfeld: Cuomo’s Political Career Has ‘As Much Chance Of Survival As Those Elderly Patients’ In NY Nursing Homes

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld said Friday that Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s political career had “as much chance of survival” as patients in his state’s nursing homes.

Gutfeld argued on “The Five” that Cuomo’s career, as he faced investigations over both his handling of nursing home policy during the coronavirus pandemic and multiple accusations of sexual harassment, appeared to be on borrowed time. (RELATED: ‘The Hypocrisy’: Ari Fleischer Predicts Cuomo Will Follow ‘The Northam Model’ And Ride Out The Scandal)


Cohost Juan Williams began the segment with a clip from Cuomo’s press conference a few hours earlier, during which he gave updates on plans to ease coronavirus restrictions and took a few questions, most of which focused on the accusations against him.

In answer to those questions — and amid bipartisan calls for his resignation or impeachment — Cuomo once again denied any wrongdoing and claimed that he was a victim of “cancel culture.”

“Cancel culture is when images of the past or words of the past — or the present even — are judged by the progressive left’s current standards of acceptable behavior. This is not the case,” Gutfeld responded. “He’s basically saying, ‘I creep the hell out of women, how dare they try to cancel me?'”

Gutfeld went on to compare Cuomo’s claims to people who “cry false racism,” adding, “This is on par with that. He’s crying phony cancel culture, but I don’t blame him, man! His political future has about as much of a chance of survival as those elderly patients in the rest homes where he sent COVID cases.”

Gutfeld’s conclusion was that Cuomo’s career was effectively “on life support.”

“I hear he has a new system for responding to his new accusers,” he said. “Victims with the last name starting with a-l, they’ll be calling the office Tuesdays and Thursdays, and victims with the name starting with n-z will be calling on Wednesdays and Fridays, just to deal with the caseload.”