Rumors Of ‘Left-Wing Bias’ Crackdown At The BBC As Network Axes Popular Political Comedy

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The BBC announced Friday the cancellation of “The Mash Report,” a popular satirical TV show that has run for four seasons, fueling previous rumors about an internal crackdown on the network’s “left-wing bias”.

Nish Kumar’s program will not be returning for the fifth season, as the BBC needs to “make room” for new show, The Independent reported.

“We are very proud of The Mash Report but in order to make room for new comedy shows we sometimes have to make difficult decisions and it won’t be returning,” BBC Spokesperson told The Independent.

Tim Davie, who assumed the position of the network’s director general in September, reportedly expressed his commitment to tackle “perceived left-wing comedy bias” his first day in office, according to The Evening Standard. “Overall my guiding principle is that we are a universal public service, a BBC for all, that serves and represents every part of this country,” Davie said in September.

However, Davie later insisted that claims that he was routing out particular political content were “nonsense.”

The management’s decision to axe the show follows Davie’s statement about the necessity of a “radical overhaul” of comedy shows on the network.

The Mash Report covered a range of political issues, many of which revolved around criticism of the Conservative Party and Brexit. The show’s supporters claim that it has been cancelled for political reasons.
Nish Kumar, the show’s host, addressed the news of the show’s cancellation on his Twitter page, giving a “statement” consisting of a screenshot from the show displaying the text “Boris Johnson is a liar and a racist.”

Andrew Neil, a former BBC presenter, has previously characterized the comedy show as “self-satisfied, self-adulatory, unchallenged left-wing propaganda”.