‘We Are Celebrating Perversity In America’: Candace Owens Rips Lewd Grammys ‘Spectacle’

(Fox News screengrab)

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Conservative activist and Blexit founder Candace Owens ripped Sunday’s Grammys “spectacle” as an example of “celebrating perversity in America” during a Monday night appearance on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight.”

After reciting several examples of cancel culture, including Mr. Potato Head and Dr. Seuss, Owens called the Grammys act a “lesbian sex scene being assimilated on television” that is “considered feminist.”

“It’s iconic, it’s forward, it’s progressive, it’s the way the world is going, Tucker, and if you don’t see that it’s because you’re a bigot,” Owens mockingly told Fox News host Tucker Carlson. “You don’t understand this is the way the world needs to go.”

“I 100% agree with you in the assessment that this feels more sinister,” she continued. “This is starting to me to seem like it’s not even left or right. It’s not a political issue. This seems like an attack on American values, American traditions and you are actually actively trying to make children aspire to things that are grotesque. This is not about diversity anymore, Tucker, it’s about perversity. We are celebrating perversity in America.”


Owens lamented that such displays are presented as “the stuff that children should be aspiring towards.”

“You see that fundamentally we are seeing the destruction of American values and American principles, and it’s terrifying,” she said. “I think parents should be terrified that this is the direction that our society is heading towards.”

The Blexit founder, a new mother, told Carlson she’s “sincerely looking at homeschooling” to protect her child from being “polluted with this.” (RELATED: Bill Burr Predicts People Will Be Outraged Over His Grammys Presentation)

“This is not the patriarchy that’s keeping young women down, it’s displays like this, displays of blatant nudity and sexualization that is keeping women down in this society,” she concluded.