Democratic Strategist Says Media Should Pressure Biden Regarding The ‘Full On Crisis’ At The Border

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Democratic political strategist Doug Schoen says the situation at the border is a “full on crisis” and the media is using a double standard to cover the increasingly tense situation while speaking to the Daily Caller’s Brianna Lyman.

“We have a crisis, a full on crisis,” Schoen said. “Unless the Biden administration takes the issue on forcefully, we will have a full on crisis of politics and more important substance as we go forward.”

Schoen said one of the causes for the recent surge at the border is that the Democratic Party won’t promote a bipartisan immigration policy. (RELATED: Sen. Cassidy: Biden’s Policy Changes ‘Entirely’ To Blame For Border Crisis)


“I am afraid that the uncertainty in American policy and certainly the uncertainty with how the Democrats are going to approach immigration have only facilitated and developed a problem that’s a tragedy for all of us.”

“I fear, and this is fear, that it will take a serious crisis reported in even greater substance by the national media for the Biden Administration to deal with [the surge in migrants],” Schoen said. “I think it’s certainly the case that if the media does put a greater spotlight on the situation, the Democrats will be forced to take on a very very difficult issue for them and for their political base.”

“I do believe there is a double standard and that the media was far more apt to criticize Trump,” he added, noting he was also one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest critics. “I believe the media owes it to us to report fully on what’s going on at the border.”

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