Hollywood Hypocrisy: Celebs Walk Red Carpet Maskless After Shaming America For A Full Year

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Info Doja Cat https://twitter.com/InfoDoja/status/1371236451896164354)

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Despite having face mask requirements and socially distanced tables inside the outdoor tent where the Grammys were held Sunday, celebrities still found a way to show their hypocrisy.

Los Angeles is currently under a mask mandate, but that didn’t stop celebrities from removing their masks to take red carpet pictures with each other. The celebrities also took off their masks once they made it on stage to accept their awards, sometimes even hugging and kissing the presenters, News.com reported.

Grammys executive producer Ben Winston told The Hollywood Reporter he thought of the safety design for the awards show a year ago when it became clear that there probably wouldn’t be a live audience due to the coronavirus pandemic.

There were a handful of safety measures in place including socially distanced tables for the nominees to watch the show from the inside of an outdoor tent, the outlet reported.

“As you can see, this year, people, we have made the decision to socially distance from the Staples Center, but we’re still broadcasting to you from the heart of downtown Los Angeles,” host Trevor Noah said during the show, according to THR. “This is not a Zoom background, alright? This is real. My uncle isn’t going to walk behind me naked even though I told him I was having an important meeting. That’s not going to happen tonight.”

Only four photographers were allowed on the red carpet and were required to stay 15 feet away from the celebrities. However, Taylor Swift and her collaborators were spotted taking photos together with no masks. Doja Cat and Megan Thee Stallion were also spotted interacting with no masks on the red carpet.

Taylor Swift herself called out people who don’t wear masks when they go out in an interview with Entertainment Weekly back in December. (RELATED: The TV Ratings For The Grammys Absolutely Tank)

“I mean, you just immediately think of the health workers who are putting their lives on the line — and oftentimes losing their lives,” Swift told the outlet when asked what she thought about people not wearing masks while out at bars in Nashville.

“God, you hope people would respect it and would understand that going out for a night isn’t worth the ripple effect that it causes,” she added. “But obviously we’re seeing that a lot of people don’t seem to have their eyes open to that — or if they do, a lot of people don’t care, which is upsetting.”

Beyoncé and Megan Thee Stallion accepted an award for best rap song and the two stood side by side on the stage with no masks on.

The show reportedly worked with COVID-19 experts to make sure people followed the necessary protocols, according to The Hollywood Reporter, but somehow couldn’t make sure the stars themselves were doing what they were supposed to be doing.

While there most likely won’t be consequences for the producers of the Grammys or the celebrities who attended, business owners in Los Angeles are facing strict regulations from the city government.

A Los Angeles County judge greenlit the City of Burbank’s request to shut the electricity off at a restaurant that had defied the county’s coronavirus restrictions. The city filed a temporary restraining order against Tin Horn Flats demanding the restaurant close down, Fox News reported. The business had remained open following an indoor-dining ban in December.

The restaurant shared a statement on Instagram before the judge authorized the city to shut off the electricity.

“I simply will NEVER comply,” the caption said. “Not for any reason and not from any advice from anyone.”

“I chose to disobey rules that have zero science behind them and rules that directly threaten my livelihood needlessly,” the caption continued. “These people implementing and following these rules do NOT represent my values nor my beliefs. I will go down with my ship if need be.”