‘They Have Turned Racism Upside Down’: Leo Terrell Blasts ‘Reparations’ In COVID-19 Relief

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News contributor Leo Terrell lashed out at Democrats during a Monday evening appearance on “Hannity.”

Terrell argued that the funding included in the latest coronavirus relief package was racist because it was targeted toward black farmers, saying Democrats had “turned racism upside down.” (RELATED: ‘That Is A Lie!’: Leo Terrell Blasts Teachers Union President For Saying Reopening Schools Promotes ‘Structural Racism’)


Hannity began the segment by noting that Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham had referred to the farm relief as a form of reparations, and then he turned the question to Terrell.

“As a civil rights attorney, for my entire life, I fought for equality and what the Democrats have done with this bill, they have turned the farming industry — I want everyone of your viewers to understand what happened. If you’re white and you need financial help and you’re a farmer, you don’t get it. Not because you don’t need the help, but because of skin color,” Terrell said. “That is racist, it’s unfair, it’s what we fought against for hundreds of years.”

“They have turned racism upside down and now it’s the Democrats who talk a good game about equality. They are the racists,” Terrell continued, going on to argue that the bill should be challenged in court because he believed it to be unconstitutional.

“It violates the equal protection and my heart goes out to farmers regardless of color because they are discriminated against. When did the farm industry become a source of racial discrimination?” Terrell asked, and he went on to accuse Democrats of “playing the race card against white farmers.”