‘That Is Not The Story’: Greg Gutfeld Rebukes Juan Williams For Making WaPo Correction About Trump

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld addressed The Washington Post’s correction rescinding damning quotes falsely attributed to former President Donald Trump, challenging cohost Juan Williams to stay on topic when he tried to blame Trump.

Gutfeld argued that The Washington Post and other outlets had engaged in “investigative incest” when it went forward with the story — from a single, anonymous source — claiming that Trump had directed a Georgia official to “find the fraud” and suggesting that she’d be a “hero” if she did. (RELATED: Greg Gutfeld: Cuomo’s Political Career Has ‘As Much Chance Of Survival As Those Elderly Patients’ In NY Nursing Homes)

“It’s not fake news, it’s deep fake news,” Gutfeld added, but Williams immediately attempted to put the spotlight — and the blame — back on Trump.


Gutfeld began by detailing the process behind the spreading of an anonymously-sourced story, saying, “One anonymous source gives a story to paper A, then network B calls the same source to get confirmation. Then Snopes, and fact-checkers agree. It’s the investigative incest that kept the Steele Dossier going. So how can we ever trust these clowns again?”

“It’s not fake news, it’s deep fake news — be ready when they use it on you,” Gutfeld continued, turning to Williams.

“I think this is an effort to rewrite history. As I was listening, I thought to myself, wow, I think Trump claimed repeatedly that there was fraud. That the election was stolen because of bogus ballots in Wisconsin, Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania. He tweeted out this lie again and again and again,” Williams replied.

“That is not the story here. Juan, let me help you,” Gutfeld pushed back as Williams continued to talk over him. “He was ordering somebody to ‘find the fraud.’ That is not the story. That was the story angle, don’t run away from it Juan, that was angle the press pushed pushed.”

“I’m trying to speak to it if you will allow me,” Williams protested. “I think you want to change the story from a quote that got garbled, because the fact is Trump did try to strong-arm elected officials. That Trump, in fact, is the guy who now has let a third of Americans still believe that this election was stolen.”

“I tried. That’s not what this is about,” Gutfeld pressed again, saying that the point of the story was the viral impact of a story that had started with a lie covered up by a process designed to hide that.

“The fact it what Trump did was the most reprehensible thing by any president in history because he perpetrated the big lie,” Williams argued.

“They said he said, ‘find the fraud.’ It was an order, and that was part of — that lie was part of the whole basis for the impeachment trial,” Gutfeld concluded. “And now we’re finding out, which makes it pointless.”