HART: Dazed And Confused — Biden’s First 50 Days

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Ron Hart Contributor
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Obama got rid of Osama bin Laden and Trump killed Iranian terrorist Qasem Soleimani and others. Not to be outdone, and in just 50 days, Biden and his PC police got Mr. Potato Head, Pepe Le Pew and The Cat in the Hat.

Expect more of the same. When they have no new workable ideas, politicians tend to cloak themselves in meaningless symbolic gestures, like getting rid of fictitious cartoon characters.

Biden could have scored a big win if he had had a transgender woman of color be the one to end the menace to society that was the flirty French skunk, Pepe Le Pew. With him gone, your son can go back to blowing up a hooker instead of having to pay her on his Grand Theft Auto video game while listening to a nasty Cardi B rap “song.” I would actually be more likely to believe that Biden cared about transgender women of color if he would smell the hair of one of them.

Biden just stares with that confused grimace into the teleprompter his handlers use to feed him his lines. It feels like elder abuse. He has this strained look, as if he is confused or just had an accident in his pants. In either case, I wish they would turn the teleprompter around and just let us read his speech. Going to Biden for an inspiring speech is like going to Atlanta to avoid crime.

What he has ceremoniously done is unshackle Dr. Anthony Fauci from the strain of having any of his medical theories on COVID questioned. As we enter the second year of the “two weeks we need to flatten the curve,” we are reminded of what Dr. Fauci told us in early 2020, that COVID was nothing to worry about and that wearing masks really does not work. Keep in mind, Biden said there was no vaccine when he took office 50 days ago — but he got the vaccine shots last December.

With the number of cases going down the last couple of months, Biden decreed that life can go back to normal July 4. We can gather in small groups by then, or in medium-size groups right now if we just continue to ignore everyone. And why not Independence Day? That is when we celebrate our freedoms, like speech, when we can say anything as longs as it is approved by Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google, your company, the Cancel Culture mob, the Feds and Dr. Fauci.

All the gains we have made against COVID, especially the Warp Speed project that deregulated corporate America enough to get us good vaccines in less than a year, are Trump’s doing. Biden and the perpetual weasel Democrats are trying to find ways to take credit for it.  Even more nonsensical, Nazi-like rules would be in place longer if they had their way. Their COVID policy should be called “Mein Cough.”

There is some hope. Gutsy and sensible governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis have done away with mask requirements, with the same or better results as states who have draconian mask requirements. Tennessee just did away with our mask requirement, probably just to scare more Californians and New Yorkers so they will stop moving here. They are fleeing overreach by Gov. Newsom and reach-arounds by Gov. Cuomo. It’s weird that Democrats got rid of Pepe Le Pew and not Gov. Cuomo, a real-life person doing the same thing.

On Biden’s immigration policy, his habit of saying “come on, man” must have been interpreted by illegals to “come on” and overrun our borders. After saying Trump kept kids in cages, Biden is doing exactly that. His cages must be humane and responsibly-sourced.

In his maudlin and self-adulating tone, Biden tells us that his administration had to get $1.9 trillion in “COVID relief” money out to the people suffering. Many have to choose among paying their electric bills, putting food on the table, buying that bad-ass tattoo of Tweety Bird, or using the money to trade GameStop stock. In reality, the “American Rescue Plan” was a blue state bailout slush fund.

I believe the average American, if informed fairly, gets it. And as bad as you think you have it, remember that there are Democrats in this country who sit around and fret about the gender of a plastic potato toy or that a flirty French cartoon skunk might #MeToo someone.

Ron Hart, a libertarian syndicated op-ed humorist, worked at Goldman Sachs and is an award-winning author and TV/radio commentator. He can be reached at Ron@RonaldHart.com, or visit www.RonaldHart.com.