Kellyanne Conway: NYT’s Taylor Lorenz Will Need To ‘Find Friends Her Own Age’ Due To Instagram’s Age Restriction Rules

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Shelby Talcott Senior White House Correspondent
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Former White House advisor Kellyanne Conway suggested The New York Times’ Taylor Lorenz will need “to find ‘friends’ her own age” amid news that Instagram is implementing age restrictions rules.

The Hill reported Tuesday that the social media platform Instagram plans “to restrict direct message between teens and adults they don’t follow” in an effort to make the app safer for teenagers. Conway commented on the news, calling out “embattled” Lorenz, as much of her job appears to involve messaging with teenagers.

Lorenz helped boost a family feud between Conway and her then-15-year-old daughter Claudia Conway in 2020 after Claudia began name-dropping her mother on TikTok. The incident drew scrutiny regarding Lorenz’s coverage of minors, particularly one with well-known political parents.

“BREAKING: Embattled @TaylorLorenz of @NYT will need to find ‘friends’ her own age,” Conway wrote.

Conway’s comments come just after Fox News’ Tucker Carlson criticized Lorenz for a post she made on International Women’s Day where she lamented about “the harassment and smear campaign” she’s “had to endure over the past year.” (RELATED: Afternoon Mirror: NYT Reporter Dramatically Asks Everyone To ‘Literally’ Not Ask Her To Do Anything)

“You’d think Taylor Lorentz would be grateful for the remarkable good luck that she’s had, but no she’s not,” Carlson said during one part of the segment.

The NYT hit back at Carlson after the segment and defended Lorenz as a “talented New York Times journalist.” The newspaper called Carlson’s comments a “calculated and cruel tactic.”

“It’s all pretty amusing when you think about it,” Carlson said in a subsequent segment responding to the NYT statement. “Reading a tweet on television, that’s fine when it was written by say, Donald Trump. It’s called reporting, but when that tweet was written by a New York Times reporter, reading it out loud is a ‘calculated and cruel tactic.'”