Massive Explosion Rocks LA Neighborhood, Leaves 2 Dead


John Byrne Contributor
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An explosion involving fireworks rocked a Los Angeles neighborhood Tuesday afternoon, killing two individuals, CBS Los Angeles reported.

Two people were found dead on the scene of a massive fireworks explosion in Ontario, California, while one individual near the home suffered minor injuries, according to CBS Los Angeles.

Footage from the incident shows a plume of smoke—reportedly caused by fireworks—followed by a fiery explosion and large mushroom cloud, ABC7 reported. Ontario Fire Department later evacuated the neighboring streets and established a temporary care and reception center at a local community center. (RELATED: Guys Sets Off A Gigantic Backyard Explosion In Crazy Video)

Concerned witnesses quickly reported the incident on social media. Individuals in Anaheim and Huntington Beach claimed to feel vibrations from the explosion, ABC7 reported.

City officials confirmed the explosion caused a “large structure fire,” which damaged a neighboring house.  The fireworks had caused smaller explosions leading up to the massive one, which occurred around noon, according to officials.

Local firefighters also rescued a horse that was trapped near the explosion, ABC7 reports.