‘Left Without Any Allies’: Jonathan Karl Says Andrew Cuomo Has ‘Lost The Confidence’ Of His Own Party

Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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ABC’s Jonathan Karl said Wednesday that Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo had “lost the confidence” of his own party.

Karl joined “The View” for a wide-ranging interview and argued that Cuomo was likely facing a very difficult road after numerous bipartisan calls for his resignation or impeachment. (RELATED: Meghan McCain Compares Kavanaugh To Cuomo: From ‘Believe All Women’ To ‘You Can Grope Whoever You Want’)


Sara Haines introduced the topic, noting that Cuomo had been accused by seven different women of sexual misconduct and that more and more calls for his resignation were coming from within the Democratic Party.

“He’s made it clear he’s not resigning,” Haines continued. “His administration has also been accused of concealing the actual number of nursing home COVID deaths that took place during the first surge.”

Haines then turned the question to Karl, asking whether he believed Cuomo still had the ability to effectively govern the state of New York.

“He’s clearly lost the confidence of Democrats in New York and certainly of Republicans in New York. This is — this is a mess,” Karl replied, adding, “You’re right to point out that it started before the allegations made by women who work for him, really serious and dreadful allegations.”

“It started with the nursing home deaths and the clear effort to whitewash what had happened in the nursing homes and then the revelation he tried to bully an assemblyman, Assemblyman Kim, saying he would destroy him,” Karl continued. “These are the actions of a bully. He is somebody left without really any allies in New York. It’s a tough path forward for Andrew Cuomo.”