EXCLUSIVE: Cruz Says The Goal Of Biden’s ‘Horrifically Inhumane’ Border Policy Is To ‘Elect More Democrats’

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Daily Caller Editorial Director Vince Coglianese sat down with Republican Texas Sen. Ted Cruz to discuss the current crisis at the southern border under the Biden administration.

“This is not only a crisis, but it is a crisis that is getting much, much worse and it is an entirely created crisis created by the failures of the Biden administrations policy,” Cruz said, noting that upon taking office, President Joe Biden halted construction on the border wall and ended former President Donald Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy.

“Joe [Biden’s] administration just threw that in the trash and said ‘let them in.'”


Cruz also said some migrant children are being smuggled across the border by human traffickers.

“Those kids are being brought in by human traffickers. Nobody who is compassionate wants to see a little boy or a little girl in the custody of a human trafficker,” Cruz said. “It is horrifically inhumane what is happening right now and the Biden administration caused it, and refuses to even admit it’s going on.”

The Biden administration has repeatedly refused to call the situation at the border a “crisis,” instead referring to it as “difficult.”

The number of migrant children illegally crossing the border has exceeded federal ability to hold them, Axios reported, based on documents from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). Biden told migrants Tuesday “don’t come over” in an exclusive interview with ABC News.

Cruz added it was “indefensible” how many COVID-19 positive migrants were being released from federal custody and into the U.S. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Cruz On Military Attacking Tucker: Biden Admin Determined To ‘Politicize’ The Uniform)

“They are deliberately increasing the risk of exacerbating this pandemic because of their political agenda to have open border because they believe that helps elect more Democrats.”

Due to the influx of migrants, the HHS confirmed to the Daily Caller News Foundation that facilities can operate at full capacity despite the risk of coronavirus.

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