‘You Pay With Your Career’: Kennedy Fires Back At Claims That Cancel Culture Is ‘Overblown’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A Fox Business host fired back Thursday at Washington Post columnist Max Boot’s claims that cancel culture was “overblown” and “farcical.”

Lisa Kennedy said on Fox News’ “The Five” that cancel culture certainly was not a joke to those who were paying with their careers. (RELATED: Tulsi Gabbard: ‘You See The Final Expression Of Cancel Culture In Islamist Terrorist Groups’)


“While people are fed up with cancel culture, a Washington Post columnist claims it’s not real,” Kennedy began. “He says we should get rid of the phrase because complaints about things being canceled are, quote, ‘overblown and farcical.’ Dana, I don’t think they are overblown at all, especially when you pay with your career.”

“Ask people like Chris Harrison and Alexi McCammond, the Teen Vogue editor who resigned because of some stupid tweets she posted when she was much younger and has since apologized for several times,” Kennedy continued. “Those people are unemployed, so to them cancel culture is very real.”

Cohost Dana Perino agreed, noting McCammond had only been at Teen Vogue for a few weeks when tweets she had posted years earlier cost her the position.

Greg Gutfeld also weighed in, calling cancel culture “a new power tool that one can use against people that they can’t actually argue or debate with.”

“For example, Max Boot. What is he saying? He doesn’t want to discuss the topic. He just wants to cancel the phrase,” Gutfeld continued, going on to argue that the best way to render cancel culture ineffective was to succeed in spite of it.

“If you start seeing people turning a profit after they are canceled, it will change,” Gutfeld said. “For example, right now you have all these intolerant hacks, right, focusing on Tucker. They can’t refute his ideas so they target with boycotts and whatnot. What is the result? He just gets bigger and bigger. If you keep canceling Tucker, he’s gonna be president in four years.”

Cancel culture’s latest targets include classic Disney movies, Dr. Suess books, and a plaque honoring slain missionaries.