Miami Imam Calls Catholics ‘Idol Worshippers’ and Jews ‘Brothers Of Apes And Pigs’ In Sermon

(Photo Credits: Screenshot/MEMRI)

Andrew Jose Contributor
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A Miami imam attacked the Catholic Church and called Jews “the offspring of apes and pigs,” a research institute reported Thursday.

Dr. Fadi Yousef Kablawi, Imam of the North Miami Islamic Center, also attacked the Kurds in a now-deleted sermon captured and translated by The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI). The sermon was originally posted March 12 on the Center’s Facebook page, according to MEMRI. (RELATED: Biden Calls Papal Visit To Iraq’ A Symbol Of Hope’)


“Some people talk about peace and normalization and say [Jews] are good people,” Kablawi began, before adding, “Are you crazy? [Jews are] the brothers of apes and pigs… [They] are criminals; there is no corruption in the World that they are not behind.”

Kablawi said that Muslims who believe Jews are “good people” are “fools” who sold their religion, people, creed, nations and nationalism. He said those Muslims do not stand for anything because they “are losers,” as a result of which they go to “brothers of apes and pigs.” Kablawi also described Catholics as “pagans” and “idol worshippers.” 

This was not the first instance Kablawi, a dentist who had immigrated to the United States from Jordan, issued such statements, according to MEMRI. In an Oct. 3, 2020 sermon, captured by MEMRI, Kablawi called the beheading of a French schoolteacher Samuel Paty by a Chechen student an attempt by the French government to frame Muslims.