MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski Blames Trump’s Leftover Bad ‘Juju’ And ‘Uncomfortable Vibes’ For Biden’s Dog Biting White House Staffer


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski gave the reason Thursday she thinks President Joe Biden’s dog Major bit a White House staffer earlier in March.

During the broadcast of “Morning Joe,” Brzezinski jokingly explained that when Major bit the staffer, he was “channeling” bad “juju” and “uncomfortable vibes” that she hinted were left over in the White House from former President Donald Trump. (RELATED: White House Comments On Biden Dog ‘Biting Incident,’ Confirms Staffer Suffered ‘Minor Injury’)

Co-host Joe Scarborough began the segment by noting that Major has an 85% approval rating among Biden’s staff and that he is heading back to the White House after receiving training in Delaware.

Brzezinski jumped in to note that Major made headlines after biting someone “just a little bit.” She then tried to explain that the dog is a rescue and had to “adjust to a new situation.”

“Think about the juju that was in that White House, okay? Like uncomfortable vibes. I bet you Major was channeling them,” Brzezinski continued. “So he was just getting — you have to be very patient with rescue pets. Rescues are the best. Willie, you agree, correct?”

“Something about the juju I picked up in there? I don’t know what that was. Eighty-five percent is an approval rating that any politician would kill for, so good for Major for coming down. I would like to know who the 15% are,” co-host Willie Geist responded jokingly. “President Biden said there are some unfamiliar people. Major is a German shepherd, a protective dog, protecting his guy and so we hope the training goes well and he will be back safe to the White House and the juju will be improved.”

Brzezinski responded, saying “it’s improved drastically already,” referencing Trump no longer living at the White House.

The group then ended the segment laughing.

The biting incident occurred March 8 and was confirmed by White House press secretary Jen Psaki on Mar. 9.

Biden confirmed Wednesday that Major was being trained at his home in Delaware. He is set to return to the White House, although the date of his return is not yet known.