‘This Is About Truth’: Don Lemon Says The 2020 Election Was ‘The Most Secure Election In American History’

CNN screenshot

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CNN host Don Lemon said Friday night that the 2020 Presidential Election was “the most secure election in American history.”

Lemon played clips of supporters of former President Donald Trump saying that the 2020 election was stolen and that President Joe Biden was not the true winner. He said that people don’t have confidence in the integrity of elections because Trump told them that the election was fraudulent.

“Why do they believe that? Why did they believe that?” Lemon asked. “Because their elected officials’ president number one told them that over and over again. And now they’re saying well, people don’t have confidence in our election. Of course, they don’t because you told them not to.”

The CNN host slammed Republicans for supporting certain election laws that he said would disenfranchise voters. (RELATED: ‘It’s About Violence’: Don Lemon Slams Chip Roy For ‘Racist,’ ‘Bigoted’ Rhetoric)


“Now you are trying to implement all of these voting disenfranchisement laws, suppression laws, around the country because you want to have integrity in the election when this is the most secure election in American history,” Lemon said. “You, lawmakers, are responsible for misleading those people. They said it. There it was, that they were saying. They said the big lie they were repeating. The big lie that’s infected the Republican Party.”

The reason that 14 Republicans voted against condemning the military coup in Myanmar, he added, is because people in the Republican party “are still under the spell of” Trump, who Lemon referred to as “a disgraced one-term president, twice impeached.” He said that the Jan. 6 Capitol riot occurred because of the “lie” of election fraud and the “hate that poisons us.”

“This is about truth. Or maybe I should say this is about a lie? If people were acting on the truth, then there would be no need for an insurrection,” Lemon continued. “While America is reckoning with the hate that he left us with, that’s what’s going on. It is about a lie. Hate that’s there right now, it’s all in plain sight. Hate that poisons us and can erupt into violence anywhere at any time. What will President Biden do to stop it?”