MSNBC Political Analyst Says Dan Bongino Is ‘Certifiably Insane’ And ‘Belongs in A Padded Room’


Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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MSNBC political analyst Fernand Amandi said Friday that conservative radio host Dan Bongino was “certifiably insane” and “belongs in a padded room.”

Amandi joined host Joy Reid on “The Reidout” to discuss Bongino’s complaint that President Joe Biden was “too boring” for talk radio, and argued the former NYPD officer and U.S. Secret Service agent belonged “in a padded room.” (RELATED: Joy Reid Mocks Ted Cruz: ‘His Daughters Aren’t Just In Cancun, They’re Also Under The Bus’)


Reid began by accidentally introducing Bongino as “Don” rather than “Dan,” going on to say she wasn’t really certain what his job was, only that she saw him on Fox News.

“I’m not sure who or what he is but he is now upset because he says that not only does he think he’s a terrible president, he thinks he’s bad for talk radio because he says he’s boring. He’s too boring for talk radio. Your thoughts?” Reid asked Amandi.

“Well, Joe Biden may be boring, but Dan Bongino is certifiably insane and belongs in a padded room,” Amandi replied. “You know what’s really horrifying about a guy like that is at one point, you know, he was a Secret Service agent tasked with protecting the life of the President of the United States.”

“Was he? Stop!” Reid’s expression conveyed her apparent shock.

“No, I’m not making that up,” Amandi continued. “That’s right. Somehow he got past the Secret Service vet. But I think Mr. Bongino needs to stick to his day job because I don’t anticipate he will be experiencing Rush-like ratings when it comes to his taking over that seat.”

Reid then took aim at newly-elected Republican Texas Rep. Ronny Jackson, who had previously served as physician to former President Donald Trump.

“He and Dr. Ronny Jackson are the biggest ‘oh, my God, thank God we survived that’ people that I know of. They both had really important jobs with proximity to the President of the United States and we’re like, ooh, we dodged — oh, thank God we made it through those,” she said.

Bongino, who announced in early February that he had just completed treatment for Hodgkins Lymphoma, will launch his new radio show with Westwood One in May. The time slot was once occupied by the late radio giant, Rush Limbaugh.


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