NASCAR Star Tony Stewart Engaged To Drag Racer Leah Pruett

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NASCAR star Tony Stewart announced his engagement to drag racer Leah Pruett on Thursday.

Stewart and Pruett both shared the news on their respective Instagram pages.

“So excited to spend the rest of my life with a truly amazing woman,” Stewart shared. “She’s motivated, hard working, funny as hell, and as dedicated to her sport as anyone I’ve ever known.”

“Thought no better time to share our engagement than right now, after the Tour De Florida clutch dust settled …. Checking out hot rods and cruising the Havasu strip with my husband to be @tsrsmoke,” Pruett wrote. “The undeniable level of love, happiness, and soulfulness we have together is monumental. He might run in circles, but is the straightest shooter and the salt of this earth… looking forward to a lifetime of sunrises and sunsets that the Lord has gifted us together.”

Stewart and Pruett have been dating for roughly a year, with most of their relationship happening during coronavirus quarantine, TMZ reported. (RELATED: Tony Stewart Punches Heckler After Blowing Engine In Race)

Stewart was previously engaged to Playboy Playmate Pennelope Jimenez in 2017. The couple never got married and eventually split sometime in 2019.

“I’m back on the singles market again,” Stewart said an interview, confirming the split at the time. “We still talk every day, but just decided we both needed to go different directions.”

Pruett was previously married to Gary Pritchett before filing for divorce in 2019.