Mysterious Head Of Messianic Cult Similar To QAnon Is Allegedly A Berlin-Based Art Dealer

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Melanie Wilcox Contributor
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The head of a growing, far-right cult targeting QAnon followers is allegedly a 45-year-old art dealer from Berlin, according to a British anti-racism group, The Guardian reported.

Similar to QAnon, the cult, Sabmyk Network, expresses skepticism about COVID masks, vaccines and the 2020 U.S. presidential election results, according to The Guardian. Also like QAnon, the cult has a secretive messianic figure, who is allegedly Sebastian Bieniek, according to the British anti-fascist group Hope Not Hate, The Guardian reported.

Sabmyk’s messiah allegedly has “17 V-shaped scars” on his arm from a “prophetic ceremony at the age of 24,” according to social media posts, The Guardian reported. Hope Not Hate members found a section on Bieniek’s website at a 1999 art exhibit in which he cut V shapes into his arm for 16 consecutive days, according to The Guardian. That section of Bieniek’s website has since been deleted, the newspaper reported.

Bieniek also wrote a book called “RealFake” that details how to deviously promote his work, according to The Guardian. (RELATED: As Fake Social Media Posts Explode, Watch How Easy It Is To Manipulate Posts Without Photo-Editors)

QAnon followers have had to accept the fact that their beliefs about former President Trump defeating a cabal of Satan-worshipping pedophiles are false, according to The Guardian.

Sabmyk Network has contacted QAnon followers on Telegram, an unregulated messaging app that has grown exponentially in the United Kingdom, The Guardian reported.