‘This Is A Border Plan’: Candace Owens Says Democrats Purposely Importing Hispanics As ‘Their Next Victim Voters’

Candace Owens says Democrats importing Hispanics as 'victim voters' (Fox News screengrab)

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Conservative activist and “Blexit” founder Candace Owens suggested Monday that Democrats are purposely importing Hispanics in order to make them their next group of “victim voters.”

Appearing on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” after Fox News host Tucker Carlson contended that the large numbers of Hispanic migrants are depressing wage levels and could soon cause “black political power” to erode, Owens agreed and said that she had been talking about those issues for the past several years.

“I sounded like a broken record,” said Owens. “I have been warning black America this was what was going to happen if the Democrats assumed power, that our vote was not even going to become a topic of debate much longer because they would flood in illegal immigrants.”


“Let’s stop calling it a border crisis,” she continued. “I was able to predict this because this is a border plan. This is what the Democrats want to happen … They see them as their next victim voters.”

Owens argued that Democrats would implement the same playbook they have used on black Americans for the past several decades.

“What comes next for these illegal immigrants?” she asked rhetorically. “Free stuff. Free, free, free. Free healthcare, Tucker. Free hotel rooms, more free stuff to make sure that I, the Democrat that I want you to vote for forever, stays in power. Vote for me and I will give you more free stuff and it will keep going on and on like this until they wake up and realize that their lives are not getting better.” (RELATED: Tucker Carlson: It Took ‘An Hour’ To Prove That Democrats’ Claims Of 11 Million Illegals ‘Is A Lie’)

The Blexit founder predicted that as black voters begin to “wake up to conservative principles,” a “new bloc of voters” will replace them as reliable Democratic voters.