Greg Gutfeld Slams Biden White House Over Weed-Whacking: ‘We Are Being Governed Right Now By Illogical Meat Puppets’

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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Fox News host Greg Gutfeld criticized President Joe Biden over reports the White House had terminated several staffers over prior marijuana use.

Gutfeld lashed out at the Biden administration during Monday’s broadcast of “The Five,” saying it was immoral “to punish people for seeking oblivion in their spare time.” (RELATED: ‘American Protest’: Greg Gutfeld Says Biden’s Speech Will Inspire Huge July 4 Parties)


Co-host Dana Perino weighed in on the subject first, saying she didn’t really understand why the administration had even announced the terminations.

“I am a little bit confused by this. You have to fill out a form called SF-86. If you lie on the form, then I could see maybe firing them. I don’t understand why they had to announce this. If these five people are going to be let go because they weren’t going to be able to get their clearance or pass their background check, let them go. Why have to announce it?” she asked.

“They look like such hypocrites,” Perino continued, noting that as recently as the Democratic presidential primary, their opinions had appeared to be different. “They tripped over themselves to talk about how they wanted to legalize marijuana all through the campaign. And if you remember, Tulsi Gabbard had her best debate performance, one of them was going after Kamala Harris for locking up however many people she locked up when she was a state attorney general for smoking marijuana.”

Gutfeld followed, arguing laws banning drugs were no different than laws banning firearms.

“Sadly, I will never be able to serve in a Perino White House. I don’t know what I would do if I had to fill out a form. If I don’t lie, do I get arrested? If I do lie, will they then come after me for lying?” he asked.

“We are being governed right now by illogical meat puppets,” Gutfeld continued, saying there should be laws against substance abuse but not against substances altogether.

“Before you say you are a crazy drug head: You can’t be pro-Second Amendment and use the same anti-gun argument against drugs. It’s the same exact argument. Individual freedoms are based on the idea you could be a trained law-abiding citizen,” Gutfeld concluded. “I hate this administration for what they’re doing. It’s not just hypocritical, it is immoral. It’s immoral to punish people for seeking oblivion in their spare time. It has no effect on what you do at work. I am proof of that.”