Video Shows Dua Lipa Rushed By A Fan After Photo Shoot In Mexico

(Photo: Twitter/Screenshot/Public-User: Nate Franq)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Dua Lipa got quite the shock over the weekend when a fan rushed her after her photo shoot while in Mexico.

In several clips that surfaced on Twitter, we can see the 25-year-old pop singer walking outside some kind of big wooden doors where a large group of fans were waiting for her. The post was noted by E! News in a piece published Monday. (RELATED: Singer Dua Lipa Turns 24 Years Old)

The “Levitating” singer walked out the doors with a guard in front of her with his arms spread out.

Lipa then headed towards a parked car reportedly waiting for her when to one side of the star a woman came rushing towards her, crashing into the security people around Dua.  (RELATED: Dua Lipa Asks Gwen Stefani About ‘Husband’ Blake Shelton And Her Reaction Is Priceless)


As the “New Rules” guard’s blocked the fan from getting to her, we see Lipa placed inside a car and looking noticeably surprised.

An eyewitness, told the outlet fans were camped outside the photo shoot location for nine hours to see her after she tweeted pictures on Saturday of her on set for her shoot for Yves Saint Laurent fragrance campaign.

Lipa has yet to comment on the matter publicly.