Mom Slams High School COVID-19 Rules After Daughter Was Not Allowed To Sing National Anthem Before Football Game

(Photo by Clive Rose/Getty Images)

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A California mom blasted her 17-year old daughter’s high school for the inconsistency of its COVID-19 rules following a Friday ban on a national anthem performance.

Sarah Moreta said her daughter Natalie, a senior at Mission Viejo High School, was devastated after the school prohibited her from singing the national anthem before a homecoming game Friday, Fox News reported. “She was devastated because this is her opportunity to sing in front of the school,” Moreta told Fox News.

In addition to canceling the live performance of the national anthem, the school also barred the band from cheering on the field. (RELATED: ‘Science Evolves’: CDC Changes School Guidance, Now Says 3 Feet Apart Works Fine)

“It’s just a joke. These people can go on the football field and they can run around and sweat and yell and jump on each other, but band can’t bang a drum, and children can’t just sing a song by themselves in the middle of the same football field with nobody on it? If it’s about safety, which one’s safer?” Moreta told the outlet.

The California Department of Public Health changed its guidelines on March 22 “to clarify that band, drumline, choir, and drama are low-contact activities and to announce that guidance on observers for youth and adult recreational sports is being developed.”

Moreta reportedly wrote a letter to school district Superintendent Crystal Turner, the school board and other Mission Viejo officials demanding equal treatment of all activities and COVID-19 restrictions. “It’s just an inequality in the view of the performing arts in spreading this virus,” Moreta said, according to The Epoch Times.