Democrats Push For Gun Control Following Boulder Shooting

(Photo by Chet Strange/Getty Images)

Luka Bulatovic Contributor
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Democrats are pushing for stricter gun control legislation after the Monday shooting in Boulder, Colorado, that left 10 dead.

After the shooting at a Boulder grocery store, several Democrats called for the end of a “filibuster” in the Senate and the adoption of stricter gun control laws.

“Things won’t get better until Democrats get rid of the filibuster and finally pass gun safety legislation that a huge majority of Americans support,” Democratic Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren said in a tweet. “What are we waiting for – another tragedy?”

Former President Obama said that “we should be able to live our lives without wondering if the next trip outside our home could be our last,” according to a statement.

“We can make it harder for those with hate in their hearts to buy weapons of war. We can overcome opposition by cowardly politicians and the pressure of a gun lobby that opposes any limit on the ability of anyone to assemble an arsenal,” he added.

Democratic Rep. Katherine Clark of Massachusetts also reacted to the shooting, tweeting “No more obstruction. No more excuses. #GunControlNow.”

Former Housing and Urban Development (HUD) chief Julián Castro asked for the Senate to end the filibuster, pass the gun safety law “and better protect our communities from this violence,” according to a statement.

This is the second mass shooting in the United States in a week. The Atlanta Spa shooting happened on March 16.

Obama tweeted that the shooting was “another tragic reminder that we have far more work to do to put in place commonsense gun safety laws and root out the pervasive patterns of hatred and violence in our society.” (RELATED: Sen. Dianne Feinstein Introduces Legislation To Ban So Called Assault Weapons)

The Assault Weapon ban was proposed on March 11 by Democratic California Sen. Dianne Feinstein and is supposed to ban more than 200 weapons.

“I’m hopeful that with the new administration and Democratic control of the Senate, we can finally pass commonsense gun reforms to remove these deadly weapons from our communities,” Feinstein said in a statement.