‘I Can’t Serve My Country Anymore’: Former DEA Agent Says He Was Fired For Attending Jan. 6 Rally

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Virginia Kruta Associate Editor
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A former Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) agent says he was fired simply for being present at former President Donald Trump’s Jan. 6 rally.

Mark Ibrahim spoke with Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson about what happened to him after he attended the former president’s speech along with his brother, an FBI special agent. (RELATED: KRUTA: Tucker Was Right About The Military, And The Intentional Perversion Of His Point Endangers Americans)


“There were thousands of Republicans, kind of garden variety Republicans, who went to hear Donald Trump speak near the White House on January 6th,” Carlson began. “Most of them didn’t do anything wrong at all. They just sat and listened. Our next guest is one of them.”

Carlson then introduced Ibrahim, who said he attended the speech and went to the aid of police officers on the scene, but did not participate in any illegal activity.

“I never even stepped foot on the stairs to the Capitol building. I wasn’t going to go to the rally that day. A friend I served in Iraq with asked me to help him get there for documentation purposes and we were just spectators,” Ibrahim said. “When the crowd began to be hostile towards law enforcement, me being law enforcement myself, I started to document everything. Via my friend, we handed everything over to the FBI so those criminals could face justice.”

Once Ibrahim returned home to Los Angeles, his badge and gun were taken from him. “I was escorted off the premise to my apartment like a criminal. And I was fired after being suspended for two months. For performance issues,” he said.

Carlson asked whether the action was even legal, tying Ibrahim’s termination to the “ideological purge” that he said was happening in the military.

“Don’t we have civil service laws that protect career federal employees from being fired for their political beliefs? I thought we did?” Carlson asked.

“I hope we do, too. I mean, I was there with my brother. He is an FBI special agent. And no adverse action was taken against him, as it shouldn’t. As it shouldn’t have happened to me. And, you know, they got it wrong,” Ibrahim continued. “Me and my brother both served in the Army. I followed him into federal law enforcement. My sister is a Navy veteran. My mom was in the Pentagon on 9/11. And I’m the son of two immigrants who left oppressive regimes. And, you know, my mom instilled in me a debt we owe this country for the liberties and freedoms, they are not free. So, just the saddest part about this is I can’t serve my country anymore.”

Ibrahim said he planned to take legal action against the DEA and encouraged anyone else who found themselves in similar situations to do the same.

“Really quick, I have to ask you, I can’t resist,” Carlson said. “Remember when they called the last guy a fascist. Does that make you laugh thinking about it now?”

“It does, yeah,” Ibrahim agreed.