Fox News’ Will Cain Blasts Democrats’ ‘Hypocrisy’ In Attempt To Overturn House Republican Election Win

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Fox News host Will Cain blasted Democrats’ “hypocrisy” on Tuesday over their attempt to overturn an election victory for Republican Iowa Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks.

Cain went after Democrats while interviewing Meeks on “Fox and Friends,” and slammed their efforts for contrasting with the arguments they made for the “sanctity of election results” after the 2020 presidential election. (RELATED: Iowa Voters Say They’d View Losing Congressional Candidate As ‘Illegitimate’ If House Decides To Seat Her)

Cain began the discussion by noting that Meeks has already been through multiple recounts concerning the results of her election in Iowa’s 2nd congressional district. He pointed out that multiple Democratic House members, including Rep. Dean Phillips, have spoken out against overturning the results of the election, saying it “would be even more painful for America” than just painful for Democrats losing an election by six votes.

“They’re not looking to the court system to challenge this election, they’re going directly to a Democratic controlled House. They’re going to Nancy Pelosi to correct, in their terms, correct this election,” Cain continued. “How about Democrats’ own standard? The hypocrisy? Their words when it came to the presidential election? You would think their own principles and words that they exercised a few months ago would also say put this election behind you, it’s over.”

“They skipped over the Iowa courts and I think it’s obvious now that they skipped over the Iowa courts because they thought they would lose, and then they would take that losing petition to the … committee on House Administration,” Meeks responded, explaining that those actions cause the process to become partisan and political rather than an elections process.

“It disenfranchises Iowa voters and it further undermines people’s faith and confidence in our election system,” she added.

Meeks went on to say that this attempt to overturn the election is going against everything that Democrats have said in the past concerning the 2020 election, and that their filing underscores that “they don’t want to count every legal ballot,” but instead want to “get the results that they need.”

“Right. They were so impassioned. They were so, at least on the surface, principled about the sanctity of election results and certified elections, and it took less than two months to show that was all just a quest, or a pretense, for maintaining power. It took your congressional seat to show that,” Cain concluded.

Meeks defeated Democrat Rita Hart by only 6 votes in the November election. The Federal Contested Elections Act gives authority to the House Administration Committee to investigate the results of a contested election. Speaker Nancy Pelosi and House Democrats are moving forward in the committee process to potentially reverse the election, however some moderate Democrats, as well as congressional Republicans, have pushed back and expressed their concern over making such a change at the national level.