Naked Woman Missing For Weeks Found In Storm Drain After Good Samaritan Heard Screams From Below

(Photo credit MICHELE EVE SANDBERG/AFP via Getty Images)

Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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A Florida woman, who went missing for several weeks, was found naked in a storm drain Tuesday after a passerby heard her screaming, according to local authorities.

A passerby contacted authorities after “she heard a woman yelling,” Dani Moschella of the Delray Beach Fire Rescue said during a press conference. Upon arrival, first responders found the woman trapped in the storm drain which was roughly eight feet down.

Delray Beach Fire’s Special Operations Team removed the storm grate and hoisted the woman to safety, according to Local 10.

Moschella said the woman was unable to stand up during the press conference. (RELATED: Missing 17-Year-Old Built Snowcave To Survive Until Rescuers Arrived)

“She didn’t have any clothes on. She was very dirty. She had some superficial wounds, like scrapes on her knees,” she added.

Moschella said firefighters have never been called to rescue a human from storm drains.

“Firefighters go to storm drain calls a lot,” she said. “We rescue ducklings and kittens and puppies, and this is the first time anybody can remember actually seeing a person down there.”

Delray Beach Police Department Public Information Officer Ted White said it appeared the woman had been in the drain for days, according to Local 10.

The woman, who was reported missing March 3, was taken to Delray Medical Center for treatment.

Police are still trying to determine how the woman ended up in the storm drain, according to Moschella.

The Daily Caller has reached out to Moschella but did not receive a response at the time of publication.