Ill-Fated Mega Cargo Ship Drew A Penis In The Sea Before Getting Itself Wedged In Suez Canal

AUTHORITY/Handout via REUTERS/File Photo

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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The ill-fated mega cargo ship that wedged itself in the Suez Canal ended up drawing what looked like a penis in the Red Sea before it got stuck.

The Ever Given ship appeared to have chartered a route that looked like a butt, penis and pair of testicles in the sea before getting itself stuck in the canal and causing a traffic jam in the water, according to nautical tracking service The information was shared by the New York Post in a piece published Wednesday.

“There is no room for some kind of conspiracies or false data,” a spokesperson told Vice when asked about it. (RELATED: Navy Sky Penis Squad Commander’s Call Sign Is Literally ‘Tess’ Stickles)

Authorities have estimated it could take several days for the giant trade ship that travels between Asia and Europe to get unstuck and maritime traffic be able to resume after windy conditions in Egypt created the situation, the Associated Press reported. (RELATED: US Navy Pilot Creates Another Sky Penis)

Pictures surfaced online showing the ship’s bow was touching the eastern wall, while its stern appeared lodged against the western wall, something experts shared has never happened in the canal’s 150-year history.