Tucker Carlson Announces Launch Of New Show, ‘Tucker Carlson Today’

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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson announced Wednesday night that his new show, “Tucker Carlson Today,” will air three times a week beginning Monday.

“We spent years telling you that the left is trying to silence you and free speech is at stake. Well, the last three months have proved that right … not to brag,” Carlson said on his show “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Wednesday. “Freedom of speech has never been under attack like it is now.” (RELATED: ‘He Sows Hate’: Tucker Carlson Calls Barack Obama A ‘Racial Arsonist’ Who Emerged To ‘Deepen The Wounds That Divide Us’)


“Media companies are shrinking in the face of it and shrinking audiences,” the Fox News host continued. “We are proud to say we are moving in the opposite direction. This show is still free. This channel, Fox News, is still free. And this show is expanding.”

Carlson said that the show often doesn’t have enough time to cover all the topics that it wants to in a single hour, so the new show will begin and will air three times a week. It will cover “longer discussions of topics” that are covered on his nightly show “and some deeper stuff.”

“It comes out every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday again on Fox Nation,” Carlson said. “Download the app. You can sign up for this new show. Launches Monday.”

The announcement came after it was revealed that Tucker Carlson Tonight was the highest-rated cable news show in history.