‘It Didn’t Go Well For Him’: Pollster Says Biden ‘Torched’ His Message On Unity During Press Conference

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Nathalie Voit Contributor
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Pollster Joe Carter said Friday that President Joe Biden “torched” his message of unity during his first solo press conference after making comments about former President Donald Trump and the Republican party.

“It really torched his message of unity,” Carter said during an appearance on “Fox & Friends.”

“He says he’s a president for unity, and yet he says, ‘I don’t even know if there’s a Republican Party.’ He was completely dismissive of Donald Trump, laughed at him. And I think that’s — it sort of came to the front, how people — how he really feels about the other side … it didn’t go well for him.”

During the press conference, Biden was pressed about whether he believed he would face Trump in 2024. “I have no idea whether there will even be a Republican Party,” Biden responded. Biden also announced he would run for reelection.

Pollster data showed that Biden received an “F” grade from both Republicans and Independents for his “dismissive” remarks surrounding Trump and the future of the GOP, according to Fox News. In contrast, Democrat voters gave him an “A” score, Fox News reported.

The president also said during his press conference that GOP-sponsored state voting legislation being considered in dozens of states “makes Jim Crow look like Jim Eagle.” The move did not sit well with Republicans and Independents, who graded the president a respective “F” and “D” for his comments, according to Fox News.

“A lot of people just didn’t understand what he was saying,” Carter said during his Fox News appearance. “What does this even mean? Like, ‘Jim Eagle, who?’… It didn’t make sense to people.” (RELATED: CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Presses Biden Comms Director On Migrants: ‘The Numbers Don’t Bear Out What You’re Saying’)

“They don’t believe that he knows Republicans,” Carter said. “They don’t believe that he’s reaching out.”