‘The Crisis Is As Bad As They Are Saying’: Daily Caller Reporter Jorge Ventura Says He Saw Over 300 Migrants Apprehended At The Border

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Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura appeared Saturday morning on Fox News to discuss what he has witnessed while reporting on the migrant crisis at the southern border.

“It is indeed a crisis,” Ventura said. “Border Patrol here in Texas and all across the southern border have their hands full.”

Ventura said that he arrived at the border Wednesday and saw migrants being flown out at the airport and staying at the same hotel as him.

“In the few hours that I was on the ground reporting, over 300 migrants were apprehended on Wednesday night,” he added. “One thing that we noticed while we were reporting on the ground is that these migrants actually wanted border patrol to apprehend them. We actually ran into migrant groups that said ‘hey, can you point us to the direction of border patrol?'”


The National Guard, state troopers, and U.S. Border Patrol are all working together to handle the crisis at the border, Ventura said. (RELATED: EXCLUSIVE: Video Footage Of The Border Facility Everyone’s Talking About)

“The crisis is as bad as they are saying,” he continued.

Journalists have been denied access to facilities that are holding migrants at the border. President Joe Biden has said that journalists will have access but did not say how soon that would be.

“We are just trying to put as much pressure as we can on the Biden administration just to allow us to see these facilities or just any type of access or transparency,” Ventura said. “Just a few days ago Joe Biden tapped Kamala Harris to lead the crisis here at the southern border but it’s still unclear when Kamala Harris is going to visit the border, there’s still no set date.”

When reporters asked Harris when she was going to visit the border, she laughed and told them “not today.”

Ventura added that “Border Patrol has their hands full” and needs as much help as they can get. Emergency migrant facilities have been built in Texas to deal with the influx of migrants.

“It seems like there is no urgency from the administration to come see the problem in real-time, we still haven’t heard anything about it,” he noted.

Border Patrol agents told Ventura that a big issue is the number of migrants who were not apprehended. One agent said that they believed that over 40,000 migrants came into the country without the United States having any information on them.