‘How Much Do You Care About Other People?’: Chris Cuomo Calls Wearing Masks A ‘Question Of Allegiance’

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Chris Cuomo said Monday night on CNN that getting the coronavirus vaccine is a “question of allegiance” and a question of “how much do you care about other people?”

Cuomo began by talking about religion and saying that “we must all believe in something bigger than ourselves.” For religious people, that belief is in God, but for everybody “there is still a call to something bigger.”

“It is the pledge of allegiance to the collective, one nation indivisible with liberty and justice for all,” Cuomo said. “That pledge needs to be reaffirmed right now.”


Cuomo described how Americans are in a bad place because there is a “collective lack of faith in the facts and a lack of faith to that pledge of allegiance.” He slammed people who “refuse to live the right way” by wearing masks and exercising “restraint” to control the new variants of the virus that have emerged recently. (RELATED: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis To Take Executive Action Against COVID-19 Vaccine Passports)

He said that cases of coronavirus are rising again, pointing out that the director of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Rochelle Walensky had warned of “impending doom” and a fourth wave of coronavirus.

The vaccine matters, Cuomo said, “but it has always been about time.”

“The numbers tell the story,” he added. “We have less than 20% of us fully immunized. We need to live right.”

If Americans don’t continue following coronavirus restrictions, more people will get sick, be hospitalized and die, Cuomo continued. The question is how many people will get sick while we are so close to having most of the population fully immunized.

“How many will die when we are so close and as a function of our own choices?” Cuomo asked. “It depends on the question of allegiance. How much do you care about other people?”