Oregon Man Pulls Gun On Antifa Assaulters After Being Pepper-Sprayed, Cop Detains Him

(Photo by Nathan Howard/Getty Images)

Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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An Oregon man was arrested by a police officer for pulling a gun on Antifa demonstrators after they reportedly vandalized his truck during Sunday’s “Freedom Rally” in Salem.

The man pulled a gun on Antifa members after warning them repeatedly to “back away” from his truck. Antifa proceeded to smash a window on the truck and pepper-spray the man prior to him pulling a gun out, according to a video posted by journalist Andy Ngô.

“Another angle of the man who was arrested,” Ngô captioned a different post. “#Antifa had vandalized his truck, surrounded him, and pepper-sprayed him.”

“If he was black, hed’ be dead!” an Antifa member shouted at the cops for not killing the man after he pulled his gun on the protestors. (RELATED: REPORT: Twitter Suspends Multiple Antifa-Related Accounts)

In another update on the situation, Ngô explained the man had not been booked into the local county correctional facility by police officers.

The unidentified man has not been arrested as of Sunday evening, according to The Oregonian. However, Oregon State Police Captain Tim Fox said four others had been arrested for either “disorderly conduct,” or interference in police duties. Police arrested an 18-year-old for “unlawful pointing of a taser,” the outlet reported.