Famous ‘SNL’ Star Laraine Newman Recalls Letting Out ‘Foghorn’ Fart In Front Of Prince

(Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

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Former “Saturday Night Live” star Laraine Newman revealed she once farted in front of music icon Prince.

Newman explained she had eaten a few hot dogs before attending a concert with then-boyfriend Mark Mothersbaugh in her new audio book, “May You Live In Interesting Times,” Page Six reported Monday.

“We’re watching the show, and my stomach starts to inflate with gas and it really looks like a basketball,” Newman recalled, the outlet reported. “It is so taut and painful, excruciatingly painful.” (RELATED: Afternoon Mirror: #Fartgate Remarks- RANKED) 

The couple went out to eat afterwards and Prince was one of the only other customers at the restaurant. Newman claimed Mothersbaugh offered to pay her $10 for every fart she let out in the restaurant bathroom.

“I try, nothing,” Newman said. “So I come out and Prince gets up to leave and he’s passing our table and the next thing that happens is (it’s) all slow motion because it was a trauma.”

“Prince is waving at Mark and Mark is waving at him and as he passes, I tip over and let out the loudest fart of my existence and it is just like a foghorn,” Newman continued.

I can’t even imagine being her in this scenario. Farting in public is actually one of my biggest fears. It might be the most embarrassing thing that could ever happen to you. So, I understand the humiliation Newman most likely felt after this encounter with Prince.