Alex Trebek’s Daughter Says She Can’t Carry On With ‘Jeopardy!’ After His Passing

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot CBS This Morning https://twitter.com/CBSThisMorning/status/1376879010416889857)

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Alex Trebek’s adopted daughter Nicky revealed she has not watched any episodes of “Jeopardy!” since her father passed away in October.

The show has moved on using a rotation of guests hosts, but the family has not tuned in, according to Nicky. She opened up about life following Trebek’s death during Tuesday’s episode of “CBS This Morning.”


“I have not watched,” Nicky said when asked if she had caught any of the episodes with guest hosts. “I have not watched one and my family, we haven’t watched any at all.” (RELATED: Katie Couric Confirms She Won’t Be The Permanent Host Of ‘Jeopardy!’)

“When I resigned from the show in November, just after he passed before Thanksgiving, to me it was his show,” she continued. “It was his show and it’s difficult for me to carry-on on the show.”

I don’t blame her honestly. Not only was Trebek her father, but she also worked on the show while he hosted it. That has to be a really hard place to go back to so soon after a death. The show will probably always bring her a little bit of grief.