Shooter Kills Two At Grocery Store, Then Lights His Apartment On Fire And Kills Himself

(Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Bradley Devlin General Assignment & Analysis Reporter
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The man believed to be responsible for a shooting at a grocery store that left two dead in Baltimore lit his apartment on fire and killed himself, authorities said.

The shooting occurred early Sunday morning outside of a Royal Farms grocery store, according to a timeline created by Baltimore County Police. 27-year-old Joshua Green allegedly shot and killed two individuals and seriously injured another, the timeline asserted.

Green allegedly murdered 62-year-old Alpha Smith while she sat in her car in the parking lot. Inside the store, Green shot and killed a 43-year-old man, Silvesta Daye Jr, according to police. Green also shot Joshua Robinson, a 22-year-old Royal Farms employee. Robinson sustained serious injuries but remains in stable condition and is expected to survive, FOX 45 reported.

Green fled back to his housing complex, lit his apartment on fire and then proceeded to shoot and kill himself, the timeline asserted.

That same day, investigators discovered Green’s parents, Douglas and Olivia Green — ages 58 and 62, respectively — shot dead in their home, according to the Baltimore County Police. Detectives believe Green’s rampage started early in the morning at the residence of Green’s parents, the timeline asserted.

Smith’s family said she typically stopped at the Royal Farms to buy a drink before heading to work, according to FOX 45. “Alfie was a loving, caring grandmother, great grandmother and friend and co-worker,” a statement from Smith’s family read, according to FOX 45. A GoFundMe for Smith’s children and funeral expenses has raised over $10,000, the outlet reported.

The 43-year-old father of two, Daye Jr., was on his way to his parents’ house when he stopped at the store. Daye’s father, Silvesta Daye Sr., reportedly drove past the shooting on his way to church that Sunday morning. “At his last breath, I don’t know what he may have said to the Lord in that particular time,” Daye Sr. said, according to FOX 45. “That’s between him and God.” (RELATED: Are Mass Shooters Mostly ‘White Men?’ Here’s What The Stats Say)

Daye Sr. told FOX 45 his son “was a good-hearted person” who “was in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Green’s sister said her brother “struggled with his mental health for many years” and that his actions were “unthinkable, violent, and senseless,” according to FOX 45. “My heart is with the victims’ families. The grief so far has been nearly unbearable … My heart is with you, everyone affected, as we pick up the pieces to this nightmare. I pray for continued healing, peace, and closure to the victims’ families,” she added.

Prior to the incident, Green did not have a criminal record or criminal contact with the police, according to FOX 45. The firearm used in the shooting was legally purchased, the outlet reported.