Watch Fully Vaccinated VP Harris Wearing A Mask Alone On Stage Laugh About Parents Learning From School Closures

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot WFSB 3)

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Vice President Kamala Harris seemed to find parents struggling during school closures absolutely hilarious during a visit to a West Haven childcare center Friday.


You can watch the full clip here.

“I believe in that saying that in every crisis there is an opportunity, if we see it for what it is,” Harris said. “This pandemic resulted in so much loss to human life, people lost their jobs, loss of normalcy, so much loss and devastation. And this pandemic was in many ways an accelerator.”

Harris went on to say that the pandemic exposed the “fissures and the failures and the fractures in our system.” (RELATED: The Very Real Harm Our COVID-19 Policies Are Doing To Our Kids)

“The opportunity is more people are seeing that yeah affordable childcare is a big deal,” Harris said. “More parents are seeing the value of educators when they had to bring their kids and say we’re not paying them nearly enough.”

The whole time Harris was saying that last paragraph, she was laughing hard. Also, does anyone know why she’s wearing a mask while she’s standing on a stage definitely more than six feet away from everyone? She’s fully vaccinated.

Look, it’s great that people are understanding what school and childcare does for families and it’s terrible that it took a pandemic for people to really understand that. However, it’s gross for Harris to sit up there and laugh at people who are genuinely learning hard things from the experiences we are all going through right now.

There’s not a single funny thing about any of this.

School closures are affecting our children in so many different ways. So, while it is true that we do have a better understanding of how important school is for them, it’s not funny that we’re just now getting there.

It’s starting to look like Harris might have an issue taking important issues affecting the country seriously. This isn’t the first time she’s laughed at an inappropriate time. The vice president made herself laugh March 22 when asked if she was going to visit the border.

“Not today!” she said while laughing, as previously reported. “But I have before and I’m sure I will again.”

Harris even laughed her way through an interview on “The Breakfast Club” where she revealed she smoked weed in college.

“I have and I inhaled, I did inhale,” Harris said when she was asked if she had ever smoked. “It was a long time ago, but yes. I just broke news.”

“Listen, I think that it gives more people joy,” Harris added. “We need more joy.”

That’s a really interesting fact to know about Harris considering she reportedly put over 1,500 people in jail for pot-related offenses while she was a prosecutor and District Attorney of San Francisco.

I’m not sure laughing is the best look for Harris in any of these situations.