Rep. Burgess Owens Lived Through Jim Crow, Says It’s ‘Demeaning’ To Compare Voter ID With Actual Racism

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Brianna Lyman News and Commentary Writer
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Republican Utah Rep. Burgess Owens ripped Democrats’ response to Georgia’s new election reform laws during an interview with the Daily Caller’s Brianna Lyman.

“We have now a conversation that pretty much says because of the color of your skin you cannot have – you’re so hapless and hopeless– that you can’t get out and get an I.D.,” Owens said, in reference to Georgia’s new law that requires voters present an I.D. to receive and return an absentee ballot. “By the way, an I.D. is needed for anyone to reach the American middle class, to achieve the American dream.”

“We don’t expect anything different from our Asian friends, our Italian friends, our Polish friends… only the black community is the left saying that we are so hapless that we can’t do this,” he continued. “It’s extremely racist, it’s demeaning.”


Owens said likening the laws to Jim Crow laws was “offensive.”

“It’s demeaning, it is something that my parents’ generation would find offensive and disappointing.” (RELATED: Trump Applauds Georgia Voting Regulations, Says It’s ‘Too Bad’ Changes ‘Could Not Have Been Done Sooner’)

President Joe Biden released a statement Friday calling Georgia’s election bill and its “rigid restrictions” “Jim Crow in the 21st century.”

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