‘Prepare To Meet Dog Jesus’: Joe Scarborough Advocates Euthanizing Major Biden Following Second Biting Incident


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough advocated for the euthanization of President Joe Biden’s dog Major during a comedic segment on Wednesday’s broadcast of “Morning Joe.”

Co-host Willie Geist laughed alongside Scarborough as he discussed what he would do if it was his dog that bit one person, let alone two people. Co-host Mika Brzezinski put up an impassioned defense for Major and expressed her disappointment for Scarborough’s choice of action. (RELATED: White House Comments On Biden Dog ‘Biting Incident,’ Confirms Staffer Suffered ‘Minor Injury’)

Brzezinski opened the segment by expressing sympathy for Major and excusing his behavior by saying he was just “uncomfortable” with the White House “because of what it’s been like there.”

“If the dog bit two people, that dog might better get his affairs in order and prepare to meet dog Jesus,” Scarborough responded. “No, stop it, Joe!” Brzezinski said, to which Scarborough shouted, “No! Your dog cannot bite two people!”

Geist then asked Brzezinski if this was about the “Juju” thing again, referring to her previous claim after Major’s first biting incident that the White House had bad energy left over from former President Donald Trump. “Duh! Of Course!” Brzezinski responded. “Dogs tell the truth, and I just hope everyone works with him. He’s so cute.”

“I don’t even know what that means, Willie. A dog tells the truth?” Are you saying that to the two people that Major bit?” Scarborough asked Brzezinski, to which she responded, “No, he didn’t mean it.”

“This thing is like they brought a werewolf onto the White House grounds. This is Cujo! Like, Stephen King needs to write ‘Cujo Goes To The White House,'” Scarborough said, jokingly referring to Stephen King’s novel about a rabid dog.

“You can’t bite. We know that, Mika. Maybe time back in Delaware or maybe just a permanent home in Delaware might be the best solution,” Geist said.

The three continued to laugh as they introduced the show’s panel. Scarborough jokingly asked one of the panelists, Punchbowl News co-founder Jake Sherman, if he thought Major should be “put down,” to which Sherman responded he wasn’t going to be dragged into the debate.

“Here’s what you need to do. Keep Major on a leash, Joe Biden or Jill, they can keep him on a leash all day right next to them and then you just teach the dog manners again, you’re right there. You act in the moment. He just sits right with them on a leash,” Brzezinski said.

Scarborough concluded by calling out Brzezinski’s “rank hypocrisy,” saying that she had some rescue dogs that bit people but “never got the second bite” because they were “with dog Jesus.”