Massive Group Of Dolphins Caught Swimming Off Coastline

(Credit: YouTube Screenshot Dana Point Whale Watching)

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Dana Wharf Whale Watching caught a “dolphin stampede” on film on March 19.

The whale watching group, based out of Dana Point, California, said the dolphin superpod exhibited this behavior for four hours.


“This mega pod or super pod of common dolphins take off while our Whale Watching boat is viewing them this behavior is known as the Dolphin Stampede, we were the first location to coin the phrase,” the whale watching group wrote on YouTube.

“The dolphins take off so fast they turn up the water making it white water, you can hear them swimming through the rushing water. They are so graceful even in the frenzied behavior and we are so amazed to see them right of our coast. In fact we were so lucky to see this for a 4 hour time span,” the group added. (RELATED: Scientists Discover Two New Dolphins Swimming In The Potomac)

Dolphins are some of the most amazing animals. Usually, you don’t get to see this many in one area, so this video is absolutely magnificent. Dolphins normally travel in groups of 12, according to the Sacramento Bee. I can’t think of anything better than watching dolphins swim for hours—that’d be so peaceful.

It’d much more peaceful than the time a massive whale rocked a boat.