‘Who Cares What She Thinks?’: Tucker Carlson Blasts ‘Racist’ Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Over Migrant Reparations Demand

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Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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Fox News host and Daily Caller co-founder Tucker Carlson blasted Democratic New York Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on Thursday after she demanded that migrant families who were separated under former President Donald Trump’s administration be paid reparations.

Carlson went after Ocasio-Cortez while appearing on “Outnumbered,” asking, “Who cares what she thinks?” He also called her “a racist” over her stance on illegal immigration. (RELATED: Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Says There Are ‘Legitimate White Supremacist Sympathizers That Sit At The Heart’ Of The Republican Caucus)

Co-host Emily Compagno began the segment by playing a video clip of smugglers allegedly climbing on top of a section of the border wall on the U.S. southern border and dropping over two young children, leaving them alone in the desert. She noted that the girls “are now safe in U.S. custody,” but that Ocasio-Cortez says there is no “border crisis.”

Compagno then played a video clip of Ocasio-Cortez speaking during her Wednesday virtual town hall, calling for reparations to be paid to the migrants who were separated under Trump’s policies. She then asked Carlson for his thoughts.

“It’s just interesting to come to a place where a low I.Q. race-baiter like that has an important voice in national policy. Who cares what she thinks? She’s totally reckless and she’s a racist, like openly,” Carlson began. “I think the key to this though is to think clearly about what’s best for the United States. Obviously, the border policy now is a disaster. To be fair, it’s been a disaster for a long time.”

He went on to say that the current border policy “doesn’t serve the interest of most Americans,” and won’t because people like Ocasio-Cortez always use the word “racism” and “cow the rest of the country into submission.” He stated that she wants to “change the population” so that the Democratic Party will be “more powerful.” He added that we’ll never have any sort of rational immigration policy until people “shed their fear” of being attacked “by someone whose opinion you really shouldn’t care about.”

“One last thing, how does it help Ecuador, or El Salvador, or Guatemala, or any of the countries from which these people are coming, to have your most ambitious people leave? It’s a disaster for them too, and for us. It doesn’t help any good person to have this kind of uncontrolled migration into our country. I don’t care whatever that woman’s name is thinks, and no one should care what she thinks,” Carlson concluded.

Ocasio-Cortez railed against the Trump and Biden administrations during her Wednesday virtual town hall over their handling of migrants detained at the border, calling the conditions migrants are being held in “barbaric.” Despite the dual criticism, she stated she wanted to avoid “false equivalence” between the two administration’s actions. She slammed the Trump administration for their family separation policy and demanded that reparations be paid to those families who were separated.