Jill Biden Tries To Speak Spanish

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First Lady Jill Biden tried to speak Spanish on Wednesday at an event honoring César Chávez but seemed to have trouble with pronunciation.

Biden tried to pronounce “Sí Se Puede!” which means “Yes we can!” in Spanish — tried, and didn’t quite succeed.

Biden’s pronunciation was quickly mocked on Twitter, with some trying to phonetically spell out her pronunciation of “puede.”

Journalist Dania Alexandrino said in a tweet that Biden’s efforts shouldn’t be celebrated. (RELATED: First Lady Jill Biden Is Getting Her Own Comic Book)

Biden spoke alongside Democratic California Gov. Gavin Newsom in Delano to farm workers while commemorating the birthday of Chávez, who is branded a Latin American civil rights activist, according to KGET. Chávez helped get farmworkers clean water and toilets in the fields, collective bargaining and other legal rights, according to CNN.

Chávez frequently used the phrase “Sí Se Puede!” and his United Farm Workers (UFW) group used the phrase as their motto, according to UFW.

President Joe Biden is publicly sympathetic to Chávez, with a bust of the leader seen in the Oval Office as the president signed immigration laws upon taking office, according to The Washington Examiner.

Chávez, however, was critical of undocumented workers and fought against illegal immigration, accusing undocumented workers of driving down wages.