LAPD Opens Investigation Into Saweetie, Quavo After Elevator Footage Leaks

(Credit: Twitter Screenshot Top Notch PR https://twitter.com/UNBR3KBLE/status/1377043898955096070)

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The Los Angeles Police Department opened an investigation into a physical altercation that allegedly took place between rappers Saweetie and Quavo.

Sources claimed police have seen the video footage of the altercation that took place over a video game console box in an elevator, TMZ reported Thursday. LAPD detectives allegedly want to talk to both parties about what occurred in the elevator.

TMZ’s sources said the altercation could be considered an instance of domestic violence for both parties involved. The detectives are interested in what happened before and after the leaked surveillance footage, according to the outlet. (RELATED: REPORT: Video Surfaces Of Quavo And Saweetie During Elevator Altercation Before They Split)

TMZ first published the video on Tuesday. The surveillance video, from 2020, shows Saweetie take a jab at Quavo before he attempts to yank a video game console box out of her arms. Quavo eventually grabs Saweetie by the arm and pulls her into the elevator. The two hit the wall and fall to the ground, but Quavo gets up while Saweetie stays down. There was no sound included in the video.

It’s unclear if a criminal case will be brought against either Saweetie or Quavo, but the case is likely to be turned over to the City Attorney for review, TMZ reported.

Neither Saweetie nor Quavo has commented on the incident. They recently split over alleged infidelity.