Wild Video Surfaces Of Bald Eagle Taking Down Seagull On Golf Course

(Photo: YouTube/Screenshot/Public-User: Daily Hive News)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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A wild video surfaced Friday of a bald eagle tailing a seagull over a Canada golf course and eventually taking the bird down with ease.

In the clip posted by TMZ,  the birds can be seen at the Point Grey Golf & Country Club in Vancouver, Canada. (RELATED: Man Sleeping In His Backyard Gets Quite The Surprise When Bear Wakes Him Up)


The golfer who captured the video was out playing a round when he saw the bald eagle. (RELATED: ‘I’m Going To Go Ahead And Move Forward’: Fox News Reporter Reacts As A Bear Runs Through Live Shot)

The eagle swoops down around several trees before picking off the seagull on the fairway. It sinks its talons into the seagull then bends down and rips apart the other bird right there on the green.

The eagle takes off with the carcass of the bird in his talons, presumably for a meal. Seagulls are part of the bald eagle’s diet, according to the National Eagle Center.

The guys on the course were shocked by what they had witnessed and at one point a person yells out, “That was crazy!”

In the U.S., the bald eagle population has quadrupled over the last 12 years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service recently reported.