‘Coming To America’ Sequel First Time Amazon Show Draws 1.41 Billion Minutes Watched In First Week

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Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Amazon scored its first lead in the streamings rankings with “Coming 2 America,” drawing 1.41 billion minutes watched in the first week it came out.

Fans finally got the sequel they had been waiting for to the original 1988 hit with Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall reprising their roles and the movie has become the first show on the streaming site to lead in Nielsen streaming ratings, the Hollywood Reporter reported in a piece published Thursday.

The film not only lead the week of March 1-7 when it premiered but also had a total of 12.8 million full plays during that week.

The film is the fourth biggest opening for a streaming movie since Nielsen started weekly rankings six months ago. That’s behind hits like  HBO Max’s “WW84,” Disney’s “Soul” and Netflix’s “Christmas Chronicles 2.”

Before the movie came out, Murphy told Extra why it took so long for the sequel to become a reality. (RELATED: REPORT: Eddie Murphy In Talks Over $70 Million Standup Deal With Netflix)

“We never planned on making a sequel to the movie,” the 59-year-old actor shared. “We had done the movie and it was in the past. But the movie stayed around.” (RELATED: Eddie Murphy Talks About His ‘Semi-Retired State’ And Having ‘No Schedule’)

“Of all the movies that I’ve done over the last 40 years, Coming to America is the only one that … has a cult following,” he added. “… And then, maybe around six, five years ago, I got an idea. Then it took four years for it to come together.”

And personally, not surprised it has been a hit for the streaming site. I have to admit the day it came out I watched it. It was great seeing so many of the cast return for a movie that was always one of my favorites. And while it doesn’t match up to the greatness of the first movie, in my opinion, it’s still a fun ride.