CNN’s Dana Bash Says She ‘Can’t Repeat’ On TV The Texts She’s Received From Republicans About Matt Gaetz


Brandon Gillespie Media Reporter
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CNN’s Dana Bash said Friday that she’s been receiving texts from multiple Republicans concerning Matt Gaetz that she “can’t repeat” on television.

Bash appeared on “New Day” to discuss the sexual misconduct allegations against Gaetz when she brought up the texts to guest host John Avlon after he stated that it didn’t seem Gaetz’s colleagues were “rallying to his defense.” (RELATED: Florida State Attorney Claims Rep. Matt Gaetz ‘May Have Made Tucker Carlson A Witness’ In Sex Trafficking Investigation)

“What is the atmosphere in Congress around Gaetz? This guy was so tight with President Trump, but it doesn’t exactly seem like his Republican colleagues are rallying to his defense,” Avlon began.

“Not in the least. If you could see my text messages from some of his current and former colleagues, I actually can’t repeat what some of them say on morning television,” Bash responded. “And it’s because he has not made himself popular with most of his colleagues. Again, we’re talking about his fellow Republicans, John.”

She went on to say that these were people that he’s “antagonized” in the name of being beholden to former President Donald Trump and appearing on Fox News and other conservative media. She added that “the most striking example” was when he flew to Wyoming to taunt Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney after she “voted her conscience” to impeach Trump.

“That was certainly not the first time he made enemies out of people in his own Republican conference, but it was the most recent and certainly the most egregious in the eyes of many of them,” Bash concluded. “And so that is the lack of reservoir of goodwill that he has at a time where he really needs it because of all of the allegations that we have been reporting on.”

Co-host Alisyn Camerota chimed in jokingly saying that she appreciated Bash’s “delicate touch” with morning television, but that they had “crossed the rubicon” with all of the talk of “sex, drugs, and payments.”

“Fair point,” Bash said laughing.

Gaetz confirmed Tuesday that he is the subject of a federal sex trafficking investigation linked to a $25 million extortion plot that he claims he’s the victim of. He has denied any wrongdoing in the investigation, and appeared on Fox News’ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Tuesday to accuse a former Department of Justice official of perpetrating the extortion plot.

Gaetz has reportedly been known to show nude photos of women to colleagues on the House floor, as well as discuss having sex with them. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Wednesday that he would remove Gaetz from the House Judiciary Committee if the allegations against him were found to be true.