Baby Boy Discovered To Have Been Born With Three Penises

(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images) The baby featured is not the baby mentioned in the story

Elizabeth Weibel Contributor
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A three-month-old Iraqi boy who was brought into the hospital after his parents noticed swelling in his scrotum was discovered to have been born with three penises, according to the New York Post (NYP).

Upon arrival at the hospital, doctors soon discovered that the baby had been born with not just one penis, but two additional penises — one of which was two centimeters long, and the other was one centimeter long, a medical anomaly referred to as “triphallia,” the NYP reported.

“To the best of our knowledge, this is the first reported case with three penises or triphallia,” Dr. Shakir Saleem Jabali and Dr. Ayad Ahmad Mohammed wrote in a study on the subject, according to Science Direct.

A procedure called “hydrocelectomy,” on a hydrocele, or “fluid-filled sac inside the scrotum,” was performed on the baby according to the case study.

“The patient was discharged with no postoperative events and follow up was done for one year with no reported adverse events,” according to the study.

“Supernumerary penises is an extremely rare congenital anomaly which affects one in every 5-6 million live births. Affected patients may have only a rudimentary penis, supernumerary penile glances or complete duplication or triplication of penises. Some patients may have some other associated congenital anomalies,” the study noted.

The case study also notes that “each case has a unique presentation,” and that “no cases are identical.” Additionally, up until now there have only been around “100 cases of diphallia” having been “reported.” (RELATED: Seattle Woman Arrest For Allegedly Abandoning Her Baby In Trash Can 23 Years Ago) 

In 2015, a two-year-old Indian baby boy was found to have “diphallia,” or two penises, according to the Daily Mail. Additionally, the boy was discovered to have been born without an anus.